Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can I put food on here?

Sure I can, plus, I am the boss and I am pretty sure only my mom reads my posts. If you are going to be in style, you can't eat crap. You will feel good and have energy and your butt will fit into your skinny jeans a little better when you eat well. I like to cook, so here is a healthy turkey slider recipe my son and I love:
I don't do measurements. Just squish it all together, the more variety, the better. And try to get organic everything, especially poultry and apples!

Low fat (organic) ground turkey
half a package of feta
slightly sauteed carmelized onions, diced
diced roasted red pepper
diced sun-dried tomatoes
diced (really tiny) granny smith apples, peeled
salt, pepper, couple shakes of Worcestershire, throw some oregano in there

Squish it all up and make tiny sliders. Cook them in a pan, or on the bbq, yum!

Find tiny buns at the store (Sara Lee makes small whole grain soft buns my little boy loves) Use some crunchy lettuce if you don't do wheat. I try to eat more veggies than other stuff and this puts some into a juicy little treat.
Serve these with tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach. I put cheddar on my son's but I was happy with the feta incorporated into the burgers for mine. I hate condiments but that's just me. Oh, except bbq sauce, I like that.
I have another really good salad recipe if you want that one too, mom. ; )

Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspired by See by Chloe Fall!

I am in LOOOOVE with the See by Chloe Fall collection. I don't know what it is, exactly.
How could a graduate student/ mom/teacher afford those outfits? Hmmm. I could forgo that whole retirement thing. OR I could try to find some less expensive but equally lovely replacements.
Let's do this.
I like how this fall look uses the same boots and leggings for many of the looks, so I will start with the basics.
Leggings: Though not proper pants, necessary for fall layering. Gray is a great, versatile color. DO NOT buy cheap leggings, they will pill, sag at the knees and make you look like a slob.
Danksin makes good ones.
Brown Ankle Boots, comfy dress, cape/sweater and some accessories. Here is an outfit I put together for my own shopping inspiration:
Inspired by See by Chloe Fall!

See some of my favorite Chloe looks here:
my favorite looks below:

Inspired by See by Chloe Fall! by Jordan Riddle Swain featuring a cape coat
Where to find the above:

Dorothy Perkins sleeved dress
£20 -

Trouve wrap jacket
$100 -

H by Henry Holland cape coat
£55 -

Vince Camuto legging
$32 -

Carvela wedge boots
£39 -

A.J. Morgan club sunglasses
$18 -

Saturday, January 15, 2011

An open letter to teenage girls:

An open letter to teenage girls:
An open letter to teenage girls: by Jordan Riddle Swain featuring lace up boots

Dear Teenage Girls of America,

You are lovely creatures, filled with the promise of the future, the figures we older ladies can only dream of having, and some of you have the confidence to show the world what you’ve got.
Well, don’t.
I have a little advice for you, being an older, more experienced woman who can clearly remember once being in your ranks:
Leave. Something. To. The. Imagination.
I don’t think your mothers have been teaching you The Rule when it comes to dressing. Or maybe you aren’t listening, which means you are succeeding at being a teenager. Here it is:
Only show off one asset at a time. Simple! One asset means you can highlight your Ladies, meaning cleavage (in a tasteful way) but not wear a mini at the same time. You can wear a mini and show of those legs but leave the Ladies cloistered. You can show of your ASSet by wearing fitted jeans, but leave the muffins in the oven and wear a looser top. It’s ok to leave something to the imagination, really!

Teenage boys need to learn from the get-go: These are OUR bodies. We love our bodies, we show them when we want to and we mostly dress for our friends, not for boys. Fashion is meant to be fun, not to make boys salivate all over their way too sagged but weirdly tight pants.

Have fun with fashion and don’t dress for some greasy boy who just wants ONE THING anyway, ew. There is plenty of time for getting’ all sexy when you’re having your quarter-life crisis.

Have you ever heard of the burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee? Check her out on Wikipedia. She was born in Seattle! Anyway, she was known for her witty striptease style and her way of showing off without really showing much off. I like her. I am not encouraging you to go be a stripper, but to take inspiration from some of the most alluring girls of the past. Classy and witty need to make a comeback in fashion, and your generation can choose to adopt this new fashion ideal.
One way to cover up a little is to accessorize. Floral mini dress+ colorful tights +scarf + mismatched cardi = cute and appropriate. Have fun being cute. Mini dress + bare legs + uggs or flip flops = hideous. Easy. We will talk about your footwear choices in the next installment…
Love, xoxo, J

Friday, January 14, 2011

Art Teacher, January.

Art Teacher, January.
Art Teacher, January. by Jordan Riddle Swain featuring couture tights

Revisiting the 90's in an updated, more feminine way. Opaque tights and a scarf add a little modesty to the little dress. The boots are only $30, I just got them, so comfy, and waterproof for rainy Seattle days.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Outfit December, Seattle

Outfit December, Seattle
Outfit December, Seattle by Jordan Riddle Swain featuring metallic shoes

I got these shoes and was not so sure about them, but I got compliments and they were very comfortable so I am trying to come up with new ways to wear them. I think the metallic take on these shoes works to feminize the oxford trend a little bit. I actually have this outfit, but I am already in my pajamas for the night. I love "trying things on" on Polyvore!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Leggings Public Service Announcement: