Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Here it is: The Gift Guide 2009. These are some of the best and most interesting shopping sites out there. Please add your own favorites in your comments, they will be filed!

For Anyone on your list:

Fishs Eddy

Artsy glassware, dishes, mugs and gifts at low prices. I like the Brooklyn line of dinnerware.

Fred Flare

This site has it ALL, from bacon bandages for $9 to foxy faux fur and talking Japanese watches for $15. You can even find your Edward-crazy niece Bella’s jacket from Twilight.

Retro block Ipod Speaker

Target Red Hot Shop is always fun to browse. has everything, and has a free shipping deal going on right with a minimum purchase of $50!

For the creative people on your list:

Curiosity Shoppe Online All manner of gorgeousness here. Every item is thoughtfully curated and very cool! I love these lace earrings for $30. Art, office and entertaining items that are to die for.

Lace Earrings from Curiosity Shoppe

I Love Uma

For creative urbanite, this cool site has things you didn’t know you needed! I love this:

Urban Cuckoo Clock


Amazing handmade items! This is not your granny’s craft show! Children’s items and jewelry are especially great finds. Easy to search.

Check out this adorable bath towel from SDK Designs:

For the fashionistas:

Newport News

A surprising array of on trend accessories and shoes. Newport News is having a great boot sale right now!

These booties are $44!


A super easy site to shop, (choose by color, size, trend and more) Baghaus constantly has amazing sales. Many faux leather bags are trendy and cheap, but well-made.


If I had my way, I would outfit my home and person with everything from Anthropologie. Plenty of inspiration and some affordable gift ideas.


One of my favorite sites for high fashion at low prices. I love the store, but the site is much more relaxing to shop. Great accessories!

This necklace looks so much more expensive than it actually is at $9!

More ideas for girly girls:

Statement necklaces

Chain handle bag

multi colored scarf and beret

Next up: Holiday Party Dressing. Email your questions, situations and parties, we'll help you get dressed!

Mad Gifting Skillz

Winter holidays are coming fast. In this craptastic economy, holidays are not just about the gifts. Holidays are about appreciating loved ones, and the great things we already have. That said, you still need to get a little something for those loved ones…

I recently read a study that found people are happier with purchases they make themselves compared with gifts they receive from others. People aren’t loving gifts they receive because the giver has no idea what to buy. Time to do some digging, shoppers. Get to know your “giftee” a little better. That is what the holidays are all about anyway, right?

(Stop reading here Linea and Emma, if you don’t want a holiday spoiler)

I just found out my sister loves Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon. I am someone with an art degree, so I am searching for a fabulous art book to inspire her. Another sister is moving into a new apartment, so an adorable wine rack it is (who can live without a wine rack?).

Here are things to think about when shopping for gifts:

No knick knacks or gag gifts. What happens to these things? We laugh, then stick it in a closet. Eventually it goes to charity or a landfill and is accompanied by the guilty feelings of the person getting rid of the gift.

Small and tasteful is better than large and cheap. Ostentatious, enough said. There are amazing and tasteful gifts to be found at Target, TJMaxx and more. Antique and flea markets are also a fun place to find something unique.

I know it is too late for this now, but shop all year. When you see something that jumps out at you, you will have it instead of doing a frantic stressful search the week before the gift is needed.

Think of getting something the giftee might not splurge on themselves; a pair of nice leather gloves, cute jeweled ipod headphones, an antique pitcher or vase…the list goes on.

Purchase clothing for people you know very well, with a gift receipt and clear knowledge of sizing. Jewelry and handbags are also very personal, but sometimes you have to take a chance.

Next up: A gift list, shoppable online!