Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can I put food on here?

Sure I can, plus, I am the boss and I am pretty sure only my mom reads my posts. If you are going to be in style, you can't eat crap. You will feel good and have energy and your butt will fit into your skinny jeans a little better when you eat well. I like to cook, so here is a healthy turkey slider recipe my son and I love:
I don't do measurements. Just squish it all together, the more variety, the better. And try to get organic everything, especially poultry and apples!

Low fat (organic) ground turkey
half a package of feta
slightly sauteed carmelized onions, diced
diced roasted red pepper
diced sun-dried tomatoes
diced (really tiny) granny smith apples, peeled
salt, pepper, couple shakes of Worcestershire, throw some oregano in there

Squish it all up and make tiny sliders. Cook them in a pan, or on the bbq, yum!

Find tiny buns at the store (Sara Lee makes small whole grain soft buns my little boy loves) Use some crunchy lettuce if you don't do wheat. I try to eat more veggies than other stuff and this puts some into a juicy little treat.
Serve these with tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach. I put cheddar on my son's but I was happy with the feta incorporated into the burgers for mine. I hate condiments but that's just me. Oh, except bbq sauce, I like that.
I have another really good salad recipe if you want that one too, mom. ; )

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  1. Perfect! More food, more fashion and art! Don't forget you have to outfit me for my upcoming trip!!