Tuesday, January 27, 2009


“Ressionista Chic”?
Have you heard this? I have mixed feelings about this cheesed out label but the idea is actually quite Common Sense. Why max out your credit cards to look adorable? We (the committee) are cheap when it comes to fashion, and love to own up to it. It takes stamina, creativity and sometimes sheer force to snag a killer bargain.
What does it take to buy the latest Marc Jacobs off the rack? A personal stylist. Snore. Get some fashion cojones and be cheaper.

Our newly crowned Miss America 2009, gorgeous Katie Stam is a recessionista. She borrowed her formal gown from 1986. I actually like it, partly because pageant wear is an entirely different world than high fashion and putting it all out there is excused, partly because my dream wedding Barbie had the same dress. Maybe Ken's all in one tux with attached tie will make a comeback as well? Oh, I forgot, Barbie ditched that dude years ago.

Oh, the point: Here are some sites where you can find some FINDS!

Gilt Groupe (you have to create an account, and keep checking in, jump on it quick- but the discounts are amazing if you find something you like)

Day Lab Cute cheap jewelry! Unworn Vintage! Much under $10! Yeah!

Bluefly Everyone knows about Bluefly, but still good.

Etsy Everything under the moon from indie designers and non-dorky crafters.

Target Way more than is in the store. Check out the clearance section!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mom pants!

Open letter to Jessica “Mom Pants” Alba,

Let’s talk about last impressions. This is the impression you leave when you are walking away. This is as vital as the first impression, but often overlooked.

Dear reader, is this the picture you want to leave the world as you walk away?

Yes, we know high-waisted pants are all the rage, but they are not without their victims. Do I need mention the silly bow, equally mom-tastic conservative top, and shoes that look, from the back, a little streetwalker-ish? I am a mom, too and as a star, you, Ms. Alba should try to represent us with a little more common sense. Sexy mom, yes. Weird, saggy butt, hooker shoes mom? No.

On the subject of the derriere, let’s look at the photo below and just take a moment of silence.

The poor girl probably only has Laguna Beach, season one, on DVD for fashion inspiration.
A little booty never hurt anyone, on the beach, in a bikini, but this little booty is too much.

Is it cold, hence the Uggs and flannel? Or warm, as she is wearing a ridiculous mini?

Ok, let’s fix this picture.
1. Chop that raggedy unkempt mess of a mop. Even just a little.
2. Ditch the Uggs.) but they are not appropriate for a beachside stroll. Trade for Chuck Taylors.
3. Trade heinous Lisa Turtle inspired skirt for dark straight-legged jeans. There, better already.

Next, the transitional spring uniform and “Recessionista Chic.”

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Common Sense Fashion gets Catty.

Today we are taking issue with a certain affordable store and leader of the teen fashion steamroller, "Eternally 19" or something along those lines... It is a great place to pick up little tops and layering basics that look like they might be from somewhere pricier. Now we at the committee are not 19, and that being said, we are appalled at the state of youth fashion today.

#1: Your pantaloons are showing. These things are too strange for words. This outfit adds a hideous pooch. However, this would be great for a flood, after she joins the Hessian army.

#2: What is going on between her waist and dramatically lowered crotch? Where is her real crotch? That is an odd space but we can't stop looking! Oh, the mystery! This outfit is obviously inspired by Samantha Ronson, who, if you don't know is Lindsay Lohan's DJ hipster lady. She makes very dubious fashion choices and should not be a muse. The hat is too small, it makes her head look like a giant melon, while the shirts are mannish and disturbing.

#3. Ooooh, the pants. Imagine if you had a real body and tried to pull this off? Don't. We thought this trend ended in 1987, but alas, the glamour of that era has entranced the younger set. Try to find your own sweat-flinging flashdance moment in these dominatrix heels and you might break an ankle! We do nominally like the SATC inspired Manolo knockoffs, but in a very specific setting.

Next we'll bring out some lovely choices and must haves for the dolldrums we call January through March...

Signing off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Common Sense Fashion. What does it mean? It's silliness, really. Fashion is not, in itself, common sense. However there is an inundation of jackassery in our current climate that lends itself to mistakes of the grand order when it comes
to fashion choices. We, of the committee are all for fashion, all for trends. We are not, however, for jackassery. In our fast moving world, it is so easy to get swept up in the haves and have nots of fashion and style.

"That succulent, name-not-mentioned sweat suit, I must have it. So what if it makes me look like an overstuffed sausage? I will wear it to the store!"
No, reader, you will not. We are here to help. Read on.
Resolutions for this year: (or this month anyway)
I will buy it only if I am in love. Love means never having to think what it will match with in my closet. Love is love, accepting the item as it is. Strange rationale, we know, but we are getting there.
I will find a fashion muse.
I will never go to the store in sweats. You never know who you'll see.


                       Let's start with some inspiration.  Take a deep breath.  Then we'll talk.

In order: Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg in Cannes, Jean Seberg, Jane and Serge, Jean again, Faye Dunaway

 (Bonnie and Clyde), Deborah Harry.