Saturday, February 14, 2009

We, of the Common Sense Fashion Committee, hereby issue a proclamation banning the future and present adoration of starlets wearing hippie headbands across the forehead. This trend has come and gone, coming rather uninvited-ly, and serves only to make said starlets looks as though they are suffering a war wound and trying to bling up the bandaging a bit. Let go of the little strings around your foreheads, tiny hipp-lets, and find a new trend! Be free!

Nicole Richie, repeat offender Mischa Barton (please, stop!!! We can revisit her outfit choices another day), model Irina Lazareanu of Sgt. Pepper's ugly headband club, and the lovely as always but just this once misguided Mary Kate.


  1. I am trying desparately to post a picture of me with my awesome headband but I can't do it! You would be proud...!

  2. Eww, I am struggling with this fashion. I guess I just think back to my 5th grade Halloween party where I dressed up as a hippy, and well…I guess I just can’t do it. I also think back to the “hippy” chick wana-bes from high school with their peasant skirts and baggy jeans underneath, some braless loose cotton goodwill find, and the ‘haven’t been washed for a week’ hair in the headband, saying stuff like …”Dude, no way??”…and well, I just can’t do it. Nope, this look is not for me.