Thursday, April 9, 2009

THE Jumpsuit

The editor at Common Sense Fashion has been away for a bit. Pontificating a contradictory new spring trend (while grappling with the flu and a newly defiant one-year-old, but that’s another type of blog). This disturbing, yet oddly comforting trend is THE JUMPSUIT. In the eighties, my glamorous mom had a lovely soft yellow palazzo-panted jumpsuit that I coveted. It had everything; shoulder pads, a flower pin, wide swishy fabric and buttons all the way up. She even let me try it on, but at age 10 the look did not quite work for me. Anyway, I digress because as I have heard some people lamenting the return of the jumpsuit along with all that was ugly in the eighties and nineties, I can’t help but feel a little connection to these items of current fashion. Let’s debate this issue:
1. Jumpsuits are comfortable. Yes, comfortable. I know, not important in fashion, per se, but it’s like wearing your pajamas, and with the ease of one-piece dressing, some people just might be able to pull this off.
2. We can do this with class, if we decide to accept jumpsuits into our fashion vocabulary. See Stella McCartney’s Spring ’09 collection in plain creme. (top photo) I am not a fan of printed jumpsuits. Too much going on. The shortie jumpsuit above in black works of you have a great figure and an auto body shop.  Wear with red stilettos.  
3. No shoulder pads. Obviously.

On the other hand…
1. Jumpsuits are vaguely unappealing on the sexy scale. Something about them reminds us of Sally O’Malley (Molly Shannon) on Saturday Night Live… “I’m Fifty Years Old!”
2. They can be unflattering. See the terrifying jumpsuit made by Stella McCartney below. You win some and you lose some, Stella. The focus seems to be on the extra-long crotch area. Mmmm.
3. They can be very unflattering if the wrong style is chosen. Check out the Proenza Schouler “jumpsuit” above. I dream of delusional genie? Oh well, this one is only about $10,000. Small price to pay for a fashion experiment.  The one next to it is another Stella creation, this time not a good choice.  
Remember, to pull of a ridiculous look, you must have confidence. And a sense of humor. Good luck. I might just give this one a try.


  1. Definitely a topic worth deliberating, although my vote is that designers should just sell their line to the prisons. Let the inmates strut their stuff down the long sterile corridors in their fashionable jumpsuits.

  2. i wear mine everyday. dont be a hatter miss fashion editor

  3. I LOVE jumpsuits!! Since I am short, the one-piece, one-color attire works for me. I don't believe the jumpsuit goes in or out of style, but the fabrics, embellishments, and hemline styles come and go. I have even gone so far as to shop for jumpsuit patterns since I couldn't find any on the store racks!!! p.s. Don't ever, ever, ever, wear a jumpsuit if you are going to be flying.....those teeny tiny bathrooms are not compatible with jumpsuits!!!

  4. Grandma told me the flight story! Good advice! ; ) I agree, it's all about the accessories.

  5. Oh, Jordan... I've been waiting for this one!! I will be seriously impressed if you can pull this off because when I imagine one on me, all I can envision is me in the dreaded 360 mirror with Stacey & Clinton in the background. You'll be like my fashion idol...

  6. In addition to my yellow jumpsuit which was actually more street than glamour I had an absolutely awesome brown corduroy (teeny-tiny wales that appeared close to VELVET!!!) jumpsuit. With a zipper down the front and a very fitted look (no shoulder pads) it was completely cool. I wore it while modeling for a fashion design class and showed it off in a variety of ways. Collar up, collar down, scarf, unzipped with camisole, jacket, belt. It was INCREDIBLE. EVEN TUCKED INTO BOOTS. Oh, yeah. It was involved in a terrible falling-down accident and a jumpsuit such as this one did not desrve to be a jumpsuit-short. Sigh. From, the MOM

  7. Is it Helen or Ken that loves jumpsuits? Did someone perhaps confuse jumpsuits with flight-suits???

  8. how does one pee in a jump suit? i personaly would feel a little vulnerable if i had to undress to my ankles just to pee. i would need a trap to unhatch...