Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mad Gifting Skillz

Winter holidays are coming fast. In this craptastic economy, holidays are not just about the gifts. Holidays are about appreciating loved ones, and the great things we already have. That said, you still need to get a little something for those loved ones…

I recently read a study that found people are happier with purchases they make themselves compared with gifts they receive from others. People aren’t loving gifts they receive because the giver has no idea what to buy. Time to do some digging, shoppers. Get to know your “giftee” a little better. That is what the holidays are all about anyway, right?

(Stop reading here Linea and Emma, if you don’t want a holiday spoiler)

I just found out my sister loves Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon. I am someone with an art degree, so I am searching for a fabulous art book to inspire her. Another sister is moving into a new apartment, so an adorable wine rack it is (who can live without a wine rack?).

Here are things to think about when shopping for gifts:

No knick knacks or gag gifts. What happens to these things? We laugh, then stick it in a closet. Eventually it goes to charity or a landfill and is accompanied by the guilty feelings of the person getting rid of the gift.

Small and tasteful is better than large and cheap. Ostentatious, enough said. There are amazing and tasteful gifts to be found at Target, TJMaxx and more. Antique and flea markets are also a fun place to find something unique.

I know it is too late for this now, but shop all year. When you see something that jumps out at you, you will have it instead of doing a frantic stressful search the week before the gift is needed.

Think of getting something the giftee might not splurge on themselves; a pair of nice leather gloves, cute jeweled ipod headphones, an antique pitcher or vase…the list goes on.

Purchase clothing for people you know very well, with a gift receipt and clear knowledge of sizing. Jewelry and handbags are also very personal, but sometimes you have to take a chance.

Next up: A gift list, shoppable online!


  1. Just a quick comment about shopping all year. Be careful where you hide your finds! "Find" is the key word here! Ideas?

  2. And I LOVED the Bacon book. It was personal and totally something I wouldn't have found myself. I love that it comes from you (an artist) because it is also something we can talk about, allowing us to "bond" and become better sisters:)