Tuesday, January 27, 2009


“Ressionista Chic”?
Have you heard this? I have mixed feelings about this cheesed out label but the idea is actually quite Common Sense. Why max out your credit cards to look adorable? We (the committee) are cheap when it comes to fashion, and love to own up to it. It takes stamina, creativity and sometimes sheer force to snag a killer bargain.
What does it take to buy the latest Marc Jacobs off the rack? A personal stylist. Snore. Get some fashion cojones and be cheaper.

Our newly crowned Miss America 2009, gorgeous Katie Stam is a recessionista. She borrowed her formal gown from 1986. I actually like it, partly because pageant wear is an entirely different world than high fashion and putting it all out there is excused, partly because my dream wedding Barbie had the same dress. Maybe Ken's all in one tux with attached tie will make a comeback as well? Oh, I forgot, Barbie ditched that dude years ago.

Oh, the point: Here are some sites where you can find some FINDS!

Gilt Groupe (you have to create an account, and keep checking in, jump on it quick- but the discounts are amazing if you find something you like)

Day Lab Cute cheap jewelry! Unworn Vintage! Much under $10! Yeah!

Bluefly Everyone knows about Bluefly, but still good.

Etsy Everything under the moon from indie designers and non-dorky crafters.

Target Way more than is in the store. Check out the clearance section!

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